• washbasins

    Wash Basin Upto
    35% Discount

  • water closets

    Water Closets Upto
    35% Discount

  • Faucets

    Faucets Upto
    20% Discount

  • shower

    200 Ltr Solar @
    Rs 18000/-


  • Water Tanks

    Water Tanks Start
    From Rs.5/- per litre

  • CPVC Pipes

    CPVC Pipes Upto
    60% Discount

  • SWR Pipes

    SWR Pipes Upto
    50% Discount

  • Copper piping

    Copper piping at
    Rs.120/- Rft.


  • kitchen-sink

    Kitchen Sink Starts
    From Rs 1000/-

  • appliances

    Appliances Upto
    40% Discount

  • Chimney

    Chimney Upto
    65% Discount

  • Hobs

    Hobs Upto
    40% Discount


  • Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling Fans Upto
    25% Discount

  • Geysers

    Geysers Upto
    40% Discount

  • Switches

    Switches Upto
    63% Discount

  • Wires

    Wires Upto
    42% Discount

  • LED Lights

    LED lights Upto
    65% Discount

  • False Ceiling

    False ceiling starts at
    Rs.55/- sft


  • Vitrified

    Vitrified Tiles
    From Rs 42/Sft

  • Wooden

    Wooden Floors
    From Rs 65/Sft

  • Out Door Tiles

    Out Door Tiles
    From Rs 35/Sft

  • Wall Tiles

    Wall Tiles
    From Rs 40/Sft


  • Laminate Sheet

    Laminate Sheet
    From Rs 500/-

  • Plywood

    Plywood Starts
    From 30/sft

  • SS Railing

    SS Railing Starts
    From Rs 200/sft

  • Shera Board Cladding

    Shera Board Cladding
    Starts From Rs 150/sft


  • Marble And Granite

    Marble and Granite

  • Pre Engineered Buildings

    Pre Engineered Buildings

  • Vertical Gardens

    Vertical Gardens

  • Wardrobes And Kitchens

    Wardrobes and Kitchens

Construction and building material online in bangalore

Your hunt for the construction and building material for your home will come to a halt with Buildezee!

Buildezeeis the one stop shop for all your home needs including the sanitary ware, pipes and fittings, kitchen, electricals, flooring, sinks, interiors as well as exteriors. Just let us help you transforming your dreams to life with the best quality construction and building materials ensuring satisfaction and a great space to enjoy for many more years to come. Get inspired, explore a wide range of products and settle for the one that matches your requirement. With a guaranteed customer satisfaction, we strive to save your precious time by making you engaged in the list of highest quality products.

Choose the best construction and building materials for your home in just a click

Once you have made up your mind to buy the best building materail for your bathroom or kitchen, we are just a call away. Quite proud of our reputation, we are the professionals with an extensive expertise of many years. We make sure that the items will definitely exceed your expectations. Get ready to give your home a clean professional look with the premium quality products available.

Avail comfortable and sustainable bathroom building materials that ensure well being

Go for the trendiest and high featured bathroom sanitary ware products at quite affordable prices at Buildezee. It offers a wide variety of products ranging from washbasins and faucets to water closets and solar water heater. You can expect the modern sanitary ware products here available in different styles.

Explore the best plumbing solution for your home

Look for the best pipes and fittings for your home at Buildezee. Be it the water tanks or copper piping, we provide a competent and high quality level of products along with safety. We just ensure that Buildezee is the name that will strike your mind the second you feel that you need the best plumbing solutions for your home. We are always glad to provide you with the listing of the high quality products. We have got it what you are hunting for!

Kitchen appliances in building materials make everything better

You just cannot imagine a single day without kitchen. It would not be wrong to say that kitchen is the heart of your home. It thus makes kitchen items an essential part of your kitchen. The more kitchen appliances you have in store, your kitchen will look more attraction. Now, you can have a prestigious kitchen shopping experience with us.

Go through a wide variety of electrical fixtures at Buildezee

Either you are planning to move to a new home or renovating your home, you just cannot ignore the significance of high quality electrical fixtures. We provide you with a wide range of electrical fixtures ranging from switches, geysers, ceiling fans, and LED lights to electrical wire and false ceiling. We ensure well-insulated and top quality electrical products that are available in the best varieties to suit your needs. Besides, we also make sure that all the products are quite safe and will not catch fire easily. It’s high time to avail the best offers in the electrical fixtures just at your fingertips.

Try Buildezee to work on your flooring

Indeed, tiles are the most significant part of a building that actually boost up the aesthetic style of the floors. Either you are planning to replace a floor during home renovation or building a new floor, you can browse through a wide range of tiles and choose one that perfectly matches your personal style. Isn’t it amazing if you can find the high quality tiles that are quite similar to the wooden floors but at very reasonable prices. We are here to offer you the best! Besides, here you can also opt for wooden floors that best appeal to your specific needs. Being the hallmark of great quality and excellence, we also offer the best interior as well as the exterior products for your residential as well as commercial spaces. We ensure environmental friendly products with interiors ranging from plywood, laminate sheet, and Shera board cladding to SS Railing. Besides interiors, we also offer a wide variety of exteriors that include marble and granite, vertical gardens, wardrobes and kitchens. If you are one of those homeowners who are consistently working towards increasing the value of your home, you definitely need exterior products for an effective home renovation.

Our motto - Customer satisfaction!

Emphasizing customer satisfaction, we work on consistently delivering the best quality construction and building materail that are just beyond your imagination. It’s time to spice up the ambience of your kitchen with the top quality sinks, chimneys, hobs and other kitchen appliances available in different sizes and shapes at Buildezee. You just need to choose one that suits you the best

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