Human race has witnessed trading practices evolve from Barter to credit cards and further progress into e-commerce. We at, an establishment promoted by practicing Architects, combine speed and efficiency to yield economic benefits in material procurements for construction projects. We enable you through our web site to identify, choose and buy the most suited construction material for your projects without moving out from your home or office.

We have researched and grouped almost all the leading suppliers of construction materials and products for you to choose at prices to suit your budget mitigating your hassle to visit dealers and endure the problems of selection, purchase and transport. All being transparently presented, you remain in control of picking choice materials at most economical prices. The process has never ever before been so surprisingly easy.

Construction material procurement through our website assures you following advantages at minimum.

a) Most competent suppliers list chosen by Professionals to fulfill your requirements.

b) Optimum savings and price control.

c) Fast completion of project with minimum hassle of procurement.

d) Alternative choice of materials at your finger tips.

Our services provide you free access for;

a) Professional consultation for choice of materials and advice & solutions to connected matters.

b) Advices on green technologies and sustainable building methodologies.

c) Automatic access to professionally researched suppliers for your various requirements.

d) Access to logistic services

e) Services end to end.

Time tested and proven.

Although the e-commerce procurement of construction materials is a comparatively new concept, our services have been in the market over a year and in successful use by our clients. The market data prove familiarization and choice by increasing number of clients as the process is easy and save the host problems connected with traditional method of procurement.

A few of the commendations from clients have been listed in blogs section for their experience using our website for construction materials procurement, register the advantages they availed and their extreme satisfaction using our services.